Scientific career abroad: Why and How

Date: 2015/04/22 10h40-11h30;

Place: Escola Secundária de Latino Coelho, Lamego, Portugal (High School Latino Coelho)

Title: “Seguir uma carreira científica no estrangeiro: Porquê e Como” (“Pursuing a scientific career abroad: Why and How”)

Hugo Martins, ICONE post-doctoral researcher from FOCUS, presented a 50m talk in the high school Latino Coelho entitled “Pursuing a scientific career abroad: Why and How” (“Seguir uma carreira científica no estrangeiro: Porquê e Como”). The talk followed an invitation by Prof. Manuel Augusto, Physics professor and one of the supervisors for the implementation of a project funded by Erasmos + at High School Latino Coelho.

For a room full of students between the ages of 15 and 18, already familiar with the program Erasmos +, the talk was aimed at sharing the experience of working abroad as a Scientist, and presenting a personal perspective of the pros and cons on emigration and pursuing a scientific career abroad.

A small overview on existing mobility programs was presented and, in particular, it was explained how the ICONE project is organized, as an example of a successful network providing connection between stat-of-the-art research institutions in Europe working with optical fibers.

The talk was followed by an open discussion with the students and a small recorded interview.