ICONE presents at Career in Optics Day

15th July 2016 ICONE ESR Kseniia Goroshko gave a presentation on Career opportunities in industry for PhDs in Optics and Photonics. She presented ICONE industrial partner VPIphotonics. Other four invited speakers presented Ferdinand Braun Institute, Corning, PicoQuant and 5micron.

The event arose huge interest amoung Berlin and Brandenburg area graduates (more than 100 participants). When the former President of Humbold Univ. Berlin, Christoph Markschies, in his introductory speech asked the participants of the Career day to vote if the want to stay in academia not a single hand rose up. However, all hands were up when he asked if participants plan to enter industrial positions. The result of this spontaneous voting, though showing the moods in Berlin area only, is remarkable and representative.