Meet ICONE researchers at ACP 2016 in Wuhan, China, we have three works to present:

Title: Robust Single Polarization Coherent Transceiver Using DGD Pre-distortion for Optical Access Networks
Author: Md Saifuddin Faruk (Univ. of Cambridge), Hadrien Louchet (VPIphotonics), and Seb J Savory (Univ. of Cambridge)
Abstract: DGD pre-distortion implements a polarization time code enabling a single polarization coherent transceiver to recover the signal for all polarization states. Using a DFE the maximum polarization dependent sensitivity variation is 1.9/3.0dB for BPSK/QPSK respectively.


Track 2: Optical Transmission Systems, Subsystems and Technologies Technical Program Committee

Title: Unrepeated Raman-amplified transmission of 28 Gbaud PM-16QAM over 300 km enabled by digital nonlinear pre-compensation
Author: Syed Muhammad Bilal(1); Kseniia Goroshko(1, ICONE); Hadrien Louchet(1); Igor Koltchanov(1); André Richter(1); 1. VPIphotonics, Berlin, Germany.
Abstract: We demonstrate the effectiveness of digital nonlinear pre-compensation for Raman-amplified transmission of single-carrier 28 Gbaud PM-16QAM. Our simulation results show that by applying transmitter side digital backpropagation and carefully selecting forward and backward Raman pump powers, unrepeated transmission over 300 km can be achieved.


Title: High Speed PAM-8 Optical Interconnects with Digital Equalization based on Neural Network
Author: Simone Gaiarin1, Xiaodan Pang2, Oskars Ozolins2, Rasmus Thomas Jones1, Edson Porto Da Silva1, Richard Schatz3, Urban Westergren3, Sergei Popov3, Gunnar Jacobsen2, Darko Zibar1
1DTU Fotonik, Technical University of Denmark, 2800 Kgs.Lyngby, Denmark
2Acreo Swedish ICT AB, Isafjordsgatan 22, 164 40 Kista, Sweden
3School of ICT, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Electrum 229, 164 40 Kista, Sweden
Abstract: We experimentally demonstrate receiver sensitivity improvements by using
post-equalization schemes employing neural networks. Enhanced equalization performances are shown comparing to standard linear FFE for an EML-based 32 GBd PAM-8 signal after 4-km SMF transmission.


Structures of the neural network equalizer