The trainings are open to the professional public. Please contact our project coordinator Dr. Akhtar Noreen (n.akhtar11 at aston dot ac dot uk) for more information.



The courses require prior preparation incl. literature review and preparation of a 15 min presentation talk, group work, and imply homework after the course. The necessary materials and literature is provided. An examination is held at the end of each training course. Upon successful pass a certificate of attendance will be issued.

We are pleased to announce a new training Nonlinear fiber optics and metrology for the industry (AITC). The training is the last in series of EU ICONE project ITN workshops. The sessions are from 19th October till 20th October 2017 based in IO-CSIC optical institute in Madrid. The detailed programme of both days is attached.

We encourage all interested parties to attend one or both days of the training.

Archive 2017:

We invite all the interested researchers to participate in the Annual Network Meeting and Workshop III collocated with “New Frontiers in Raman-assisted fibre technologies”, June 16th at Aston University (Birmingham, UK).

For registration please contact the Project Coordinator Dr. Noreen Akhtar.


Program  “New Frontiers in Raman-assisted fibre technologies”

June 16-th 2017

Location: AIPT, Aston University, MB708a

09:00-09:30 Welcome coffee

9:30-10:30 Stéphane Randoux (Université Lille ): Optical Rogue waves in fibre Raman lasers

10:30-11:30 Prof. Gerhard Kramer (Technical University of Munich)

11:30-12:30 Prof. Philip Russell (Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light, Erlangen, Germany,

12:30-14:00 Lunch break Café 66

14:00 – 15:00 Sergey V. Sergeyev (Aston University)

Vector on-off, multistate intermittencies and extreme events in fibre Raman amplifiers and lasers.

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30 - 16:30 Nikita Tarasov (Aston University): Recent advances in fibre Raman lasers.

16:30 -17:00 closing remarks

Organized by

Organized by Dr. Sergey V. Sergeyev and Dr. Paul Harper (Aston University, Birmingham, UK).

The full program is available here.



Archive 2016:

ANNUAL INTENSIVE TRAINING COURSE (AITC) - III “Fibre Raman laser-based transmission and sensing technologies”

January  16-21 2017

We invite to participate in Annual Intensive Training Course (AITC) - III “Fibre Raman laser-based transmission and sensing technologies”, January  16th to 21st at the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies (AIPT) premises: Aston Triangle, B4 7ET, Birmingham, UK.

AITC - III is organized by AIPT within EU Marie Curie project ICONE (Allied Initiative for Training and Education in Coherent Optical Networks).

Our main aim in ICONE project is to fill in the gap on availability of highly qualified staff within growing field of optics/photonics and provide European industry with required specialists.

Content of AITC III is related to training of ICONE’s PhD students and Postdocs for attaining experimental and theoretical skills on fibre Raman technologies in the context of telecom and sensing applications.

Contributors: AIPT (UK), CSIC (Spain), VPIphotonics (Germany), Mons University (Belgium), Brescia University (Italy), Xtera (UK), Huawei (USA), Alcatel-Lucent (France).

Organized by Sergey V Sergeyev and Paul Harper (AIPT).


Annual Network Meeting and Workshop II collocated with “Nanophotonics for All Optical Signal Processing Workshop (OTAW)”

May 23 - 24, 2016

We invite to participate in Annual Network Meeting and Workshop II collocated with “Nanophotonics for All Optical Signal Processing Workshop (OTAW)”, May 23rd to 24th at our head office in Kista, Isafjordsgatan 22.

“Annual Network Meeting and Workshop II” collocated with “Nanophotonics for All Optical Signal Processing Workshop (OTAW)”, is co-organized by ACREO Swedish ICT and KTH within EU Marie Curie project ICONE (Allied Initiative for Training and Education in Coherent Optical Networks).

Our main aim in ICONE project is to fill in the gap on availability of highly qualified staff within growing field of optics/photonics and provide European industry with required specialists.

Content: Management meeting, background lectures on the latest networking and optical technologies, coherent test setup for wireless terahertz communication, a four dimensional space in fiber optic coherent communications, nonlinear signal processing with nanophotonics and exhibition.

Contributors: Acreo Swedish ICT, KTH, Ericsson, Chalmers University of Technology, Tektronix, DTU.

Organized by Oskars Ozolins (Acreo Swedish ICT), Gunnar Jacobsen (Acreo Swedish ICT) and Sergei Popov (KTH)

Details and registration

Course syllabus: the course consists of series of lectures, home preparation, student presentations, group works, and examination


March 7 - 13, 2016

Location: Electrum building, Kista, Sweden

Organized by Oskars Ozolins (Swedish ICT), Gunnar Jacobsen (Swedish ICT) and Sergei Popov (KTH)
Content: Background lectures on coherent communications, nonlinearities management, distributed amplification, optical combs,  demos on optical signal generation and analysis and lab tours (detailed programme is available upon request)

Partners: KTH, Swedish ICT Acreo, CSIC, Lecroy, Tektronix, VPIphotonics, Chalmers Univ., Finisar

Registration is OPEN now!

Agenda is to find here

Series of two soft skill workshops

26th – 29th January 2016

Aston University hosts two soft skills workshops for ICONE researchers. The workshops “Presentation Skills, Networking, Career Development And Entrepreneurial Skills” by Dr Jeanette Lilley and “An introduction to learning and teaching in higher education” by Dr Julian Lamb brings an emerging opportunity to develop leadership, presentation and teaching skills.

The second teaching workshop is mapped to Descriptor 1 of the UKPSF and coveres the following topics:

  • Approaches to teaching identity (i.e. ideologies of teaching)
  • The impact of epistemology on teaching styles; e.g. science, sociology, business (e.g. critical pedagogy)
  • Enhancing equality and diversity (including awareness of the Equality Act)
  • Designing modules (i.e. constructive alignment)
  • Designing effective assessment
  • The UK context and the role of the external examiner in quality assurance.

The detailed program of both workshops is to find here.

Archive 2015:

Mid-term project review and Complementary Skills Workshop

26-28 October 2015

ICONE project will meet at premises Aston Insitute of Photonic Technology of Aston University for a mid-term review meeting 26-28 October 2015. Each project participant will present their latest work and receive feedback form the project team. The revision will also includ progress overview presentation from project coordinator Prof. Andrew Ellis and presentations from the partners.The project work will be evaluated by the EU commissar.

29-30th October 2015

The technical meeting will be concluded with a two-days complementary skills workshop and will cover the following topics:

  • Patenting and intellectual property
  • Communication skills
  • Project management course

The detailed programme is attached.

ICONE Annual Technical Review meeting

20th May 2015

ICONE Technical Review meeting – 20th May 2015 The 2015 technical report meeting took place on 20th May in Berlin at Novotel Tiergarten.

The  project members  updated  on  the  ICONE  timeline  and  agreed  on  the  key  promoting strategies. At the meeting current research was presented by ESR’s and ER’s as well as their future career development was discussed.

Topics included:

  • Coherent transmission technologies for distributed optical sensing – Hugo Martins, FOCUS
  • Lab and simulation evaluation of phase noise influence in long range coherent transmission systems – Oskars Ozolins, ACREO
  • Frequency Domain Analysis of Equalization Enhanced Phase Noise (EEPN) – Aditya Kakkar, ACREO
  • Phase noise tolerant modulation formats with constellation shaping in coherent systems – Jaime Rodrigo Navarro, ACREO
  • Fundamental Limitations of Digital Back-Propagation – Kseniia Goroshko, VPIphotonics
  • Optimization of nonlinearly-assisted technologies for coherent optical communications – María Camarasa Gómez, CSIC
  • Fabrication and characterization of integrated photonics – Aleksandrs Marinins, KTH
  • Advanced Raman Amplification and Ultra-long Raman Fibre Laser for Long Haul Coherent Optical Communication – Asif Iqbal, Aston Univ
  • Distributed Amplification and Optimal Power Management for Impairment Reduction in Long-Haul Coherent Optical Transmission Systems – Giuseppe Rizzelli Martella, CSIC
  • Mode-locking through Faraday instability in Raman fiber laser – Auro Michele Perego, Aston Univ.
  • Technical Report – Tu T. NGUYEN, Belgacom
  • Technical Report – Simone Gaiarin, DTU

First Annual Intensive PhD Training Courses (AI TC)

26-30th January 2015

On 26-30th January 2015 nine ICONE ESRs (Early Stage Researcher) and one ER (Experienced Researcher) students met in Berlin for the first of the four Annual Intensive PhD Training Courses (AI TC). The training was organized by VPIphotonics, ICONE industrial partner in advanced modeling and design of fiber optic communication links and hosted by Heinrich Herz Fraunhofer Institute of Telecommunications.

The lectures focused on modeling of optical passive and active integrated circuits and networks and involved professional external speakers from Fraunhofer Heinrich Herz  Institute (HHI), Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics (IHP), JCMwave, Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH), PhoeniX Software, Acreo Swedish ICT and Technical University of Denmark (DTU). The various lectures provided the trainees with state-of-the-art information in the field of Silicon and Indium Phosphide Photonic Integrated Circuits, solid theoretical background in Semiconductor lasers and novel developments in Digital Signal Processing.

Software workshops on VPI Transmission Maker, VPI Component Maker, JCMsuit nanophotonics, PhoeniX Software gave insight into new research methods. A laboratory tour in Fraunhofer HHI showed the organization of the latest practical works and allowed an on-the-go organization of a secondment for one of the ICONE PhD students. The Training Courses concluded with individual written examinations, which all the trainees successfully passed.

The training also became a get to know each other event and along with the official dinner greatly boosted further scientific work between students and lecturers.


The agenda of the meeting is attached