CLEO 2016

Four ICONE researchers had presentations at CLEO 2016. Congratulations to Aditya Kakkar winning the “Incubic Milton Chang travel grant”, one of the 10 recipients around the world!

  • Overcoming EEPN in Coherent Communication Systems, A. Kakkar, M. I. Olmedo, O. Ozolinis, J. R. Navarro X. Pang, R. Schatz, H. Louchet, G. Jacobsen and S. Popov
  • Open-Cavity Spun Fiber Raman Lasers with a Polarized Output, J. Nuño del Campo, G. Rizzelli Martella, F. Gallazzi, F. Prieto, M. C. Pulido-De-Torres, P. Corredera, S. Wabnitz and J. D. Ania Castañon
    • We experimentally study the polarization properties of the outputs of different open-cavity Raman fiber lasers based on spun fiber and a highly polarized pump, demonstrating controlled output polarization and improved threshold.
  • Impact of Front-FBG Reflectivity in Raman Fiber Laser Based Amplification, G. Rizzelli Martella, Md. A. Iqbal, P. Rosa, M. Tan, L. Krzczanowicz, I. Phillips, W. Forysiak J. D. Ania Castañon and P. Harpe
    • We experimentally analyze the impact of front-FBG reflectivity in ultra-long Raman laser amplifiers performance, showing Q-factor penalties in excess of 1 dB for FBG reflectivities above 10% in a 30 GBaud DP-QPSK transmission system.
  • Dissipative parametric instability: a new tool for pattern formation engineering in nonlinear optical systems, A. M. Perego, N. Tarasov, D. V. Churkin, S. K. Turitsyn and K. Staliunas