3 presentations at OFC 2017

Come and visit the ICONE project researchers at OFC 2017!

[1]      A. Kakkar, J. Rodrigo Navarro, X. Pang, O. Ozolins, R. Schatz, U. Westergren, G. Jacobsen, S. Popov, “Low Complexity Timing Recovery Algorithm for PAM-8 in High Speed Direct Detection Short Range Links,” in OFC 2017, (OSA, 2017), paper W2A.54

We propose a low complexity timing algorithm for high order PAM. Experimental results demonstrate higher performance and lower complexity than conventional algorithms in a 32 Gbaud PAM-8 transmission over 4 km SMF links. 

[2]      J. Rodrigo Navarro, A. Kakkar, R. Schatz, X. Pang, O. Ozolins, F. Nordwall, H. Louchet, S. Popov, G. Jacobsen, “High Performance and Low Complexity Carrier Phase Recovery Schemes for 64-QAM Coherent Optical Systems,” in OFC 2017, (OSA, 2017), paper W2A.53

We experimentally validate two novel CPR schemes outperforming existing CPRs in complexity and performance. A complexity reduction of at least a factor of 4 is reported compared to the BPS algorithm for a 64QAM system.

[3]      A. Kakkar, J. Rodrigo Navarro, R. Schatz, X. Pang, O. Ozolins, F. Nordwall, D. Zibar, G. Jacobsen, S. Popov, “Influence of Lasers with Non-White Frequency Noise on the Design of Coherent Optical Links,” in OFC 2017, (OSA, 2017), paper Th2A.55

We experimentally demonstrate for a 28 Gbaud 64-QAM metro link that the LO frequency noise causes timing impairment. Results show the existence of LO frequency noise spectrum regimes where different design criteria apply.