2 publications on PIC

Congratulations to Aleksanders Marinins at KTH with two new publications on PIC in PTL and ACS Photonics! The research contributes to development of electro-optic modulators, integrated light sources and high density integration.

Marinins, N. Knudde and S. Popov “Air-suspended SU-8 Strip Waveguides with High Refractive Index Contrast”, IEEE Photon. Tech. Let., v. 34 (17), pp. 1862-1865, 2016.

Description: Novel low-loss air-suspended polymeric waveguides for densely packed photonic integrated circuits (PICs) were proposed and experimentally verified. Wet etch removal of oxide cladding increases refractive index contrast, this allows smaller waveguide size and bending radius. We report only 15 microns small bending radius with moderate loss, ordinary polymeric waveguides on oxide cladding need more than 100 microns for the same loss penalty. Demonstrated waveguides allow high density integration and more freedom in a design of PICs.


Marinins, Z. Yang, H. Chen, J. Linnros, J.G.C. Veinot, S. Popov and I. Sychugov “Photostable Polymer/Si Nanocrystal Bulk Hybrids with Tunable Photoluminescence”, ACS Photonics, v. 3 (9), pp. 1575-1580, 2016.


Si nanocrystals possess outstanding optical properties comparing to bulk Si : enhanced nonlinear effects like quantum confined Stark effect (QCSE) and size-dependent photoluminescence. These properties make Si nanocrystals a suitable platform for electro-optic modulators and integrated light sources. We studied photostability of chemically synthesized Si nanocrystals in optical polymers. We demonstrated stable values of absolute quantum yield and free carrier lifetime for more than 3 months. This gives an access to low-cost high performance  active photonic components available for mass fabrication.