2 presentations at CLEO

Meet two ICONE researchers at CLEO conference in San Jose Convention Center 16 – 18 May 2017

Tu NGUYEN from University of Mons will give a presentation at CLEO US 2017 on the topic of multicarrier modulation techniques, including OFDM and FBCM for high-baud rate spectrum slicing transmission system. He also extended this work for the IEEE Photonics journal publication. The article can be found at http://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7859277/ (open access).

[1]        T. T. Nguyen, S. T. Le, M. Wuilpart, and M. Patrice, “An Improvement in Delay Mismatch Tolerance for 128 Gbaud 16QAM Spectral Slicing Transmission System Employing Multicarrier Technique,” CLEO US – Accept., pp. 5–6, 2017.

[2]        T. T. Nguyen, S. T. Le, Q. He, L. V Compernolle, M. Wuilpart, and M. Patrice, “Multicarrier Approaches for High-Baudrate Optical-Fiber Transmission Systems With a Single Coherent Receiver,” IEEE Photonics J., vol. 9, no. 2, 2017.

[1]        Marinins, Aleksandrs; Ozolins, Oskars; Pang, Xiaodan; Udalcovs, Aleksejs; Rodrigo Navarro, Jaime; Kakkar, Aditya; Schatz, Richard; Jacobsen, Gunnar; Popov, Sergei

Cylindrical Polymer Optical Waveguides with Polarization Independent Performance